Strategy Development With a Management Consultant

Who is a Management Consultant?

Management consultants are able to offer specialist expertise, advice and support to a large variety of organisations across the globe operating from the world renowned industries to the most niche of market sectors. Typically known for operating within the field of Strategy Development and Market Entry Strategy Consulting, Management Consultants have helped firms internationalise into culturally diverse markets by partnering with their Clients and breaking boundaries.

A Management Consulting leader, Accenture, have illustrated exactly what Management Consultants do and how the strategic advice of consultants can take organisations to new heights:

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How can a Management Consultant help my company?

In testing times, adaptability, leadership and securing a competitive advantage continue to be key success factors. A Management Consultant can support executives in developing exceptional value through Strategy Development and Market Entry Strategy Consulting programmes. Together, they can help your company to develop sustainable, robust, scenario-based strategies to accelerate your company into a high-performance business.

Strategy Development

Revenue growth is a core driver of shareholder value. With an unpredictable economy, many companies are witnessing exceptional changes in their growth. The concept is simple! Companies within different stages of their products and markets life-cycle require different strategies in order to deliver profitable growth. Innovation is the key to outsmarting your competition:

• Hypergrowth Strategy Development

• Rapid Expansion Programmes

• Sustainable Capability Development

• Agile Organisation Development

• Unique Sales Strategy Creation

• Customer Attraction & Retention

Market Entry Strategy Consulting

Market Entry Strategy Consultants can provide a unique range of services to identify profitable new markets and products within which your business can secure a decisive competitive advantage. They are able to leverage unique expertise and experience in market entry strategy consulting, new product development, planning & strategic management to take your business to new heights:

• Market Assessment

• Market Research

• Competitor Assessment

• New Market & Product Feasibility Studies

• Market Entry Strategies

• Internationalisation Action Plans

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Kashif Iqbal consultant is a well travelled management consultant who has lived a diplomatic lifestyle across the world. A distinguished strategy consultant with proven management, strategy development and market entry strategy consulting skills who has assisted clients with operational and strategic decision-making in a diverse range of global industries.