Why Work or Study Abroad?

Working and studying abroad benefits you in many ways

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and get ahead in the job market?

One way to stand out from the crowd is to take the route of either studying or working abroad. You may be thinking now: why study abroad and how will that impact on my employability? While working or studying abroad, you are continuously engaging in business practice that is not only increasing your international business cultural knowledge, but also enhancing your communication skills. Today every business is desperate for those employees who have skills and experience in working internationally.

Study abroad is a great chance to develop yourself

This short video was created by Salford Business School’s students who wanted to highlight the great learning experience that is possible abroad:

An individual who spends a year abroad essentially refines problem solving and decision making skills. They also learn, improve and understand the importance of dialogue among people with different cultural backgrounds. Indeed an individual with these skills is an enormous asset for business, as such an individual reduces the chances of losing business deals. By studying and working abroad, you also develop linguistic, academic, professional, inter-cultural skills and personal development. By demonstrating various skills and understanding culture, students can show their ability to adapt to different environments.

The decision to study or work abroad brings with it an opportunity for you to integrate into different economic, social and political systems. By doing so you are showing self confidence, the ability to handle complex situations, reliability and independence.