Benefits of business culture awareness in Europe

Undoubtedly, to be successful internationally it is vital to have depth of awareness of culture and international business. The Passport to Trade 2.0 project team have designed innovative training material to help you harnessing the benefits of cultural awareness including:

1. 31 online, free access, culture and international business materials in multi languages (English, German, French, Bulgarian, Czech, Finnish, Greek, Italian and Romanian).

2. Help to develop your understanding of business etiquette in Europe that will break down cultural barriers and promote mobility.

3. Training material providing professional updating of skills that will ultimately encourage the mobility of individuals by providing them with the confidence to do business or a placement within Europe with better cultural and international business awareness and linguistic capabilities.

4. The Passport to Trade 2.0 project provides SMEs with new knowledge and skills designed for doing business in the 31 European Countries, giving you the many benefits of cultural awareness.

5. The materials and reference guides help you to improve relations with European partners, advance your understanding of the different ways of doing business in Europe and most important of all give hints and tips that avoid confusion and faux pas:

6. The resources advances the abilities of students and increases their knowledge of business etiquette in Europe to support mobility, giving them the skills and confidence to undertake mobility for study or working purposes.

7. The partnership countries will be offered the additional advantage of tailored training material that are translated into over 70 languages and more using Google Translate Tool.