A Job in Dublin : 5 Reasons to Work in Ireland

1. Its Stunning Pub-Culture

Pub Culture in Ireland

While staying in Dublin for your job, you’ll fall in love with Irish Pubs which are famous all around the world for their unique culture. There is the casual and friendly atmosphere, hearty food and drinks, and entertainment like sports and traditional Irish music.

Pubs in Ireland exist for almost one thousand years. Back then and until 18th century, it was even possible to marry in one of the pubs. There are many to choose from – well over 7000 pubs. Being a societal institution, Pubs in Ireland exist in the tiniest village.

Spending your internship or working in Ireland, you will have a chance to enjoy beautiful traditional concerts with bagpipes, drums, and fiddle. You will get to know real Irish people from all areas of life, learning what heartful irish life is like, experiencing real friendship and camaraderie.

2. Student live is thrilling in Ireland

Irish People are Welcoming and Life on Campus is Full of Excitement

Ireland, and especially Dublin, is famous for its vibrant, young society and its colorful student life. People are outgoing, welcoming, and happy to meet new people from abroad.

Furthermore, student housing is quite easy to find. Students and interns can find many types of accommodation in Dublin. As with many other places, you will have options of living on campus and off-campus, bringing various benefits:

On-campus housing often provides you plenty of facilities, which help you to make friends from all around the globe. Besides campus, there is a wide range of housing options – from homestay to apartments. These properties have various standards which students can choose based on their requirements and budget.

3. Dublin is Europe’s Silicon Valley

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Dublin is Europes Sillicon Valley – Vibrant, Innovative and the Home of Global Players

The capital is the european place-to-be for start-ups as well as tech companies. More than 1,200 start-ups and 250 global tech companies decided to join this new heaven of technology. 

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, and many more have their European headquarters in the Irish capital and are hiring new talent every day. The area where they are located is nicknamed the “Silicon Docks” which is a contraction of their location: Grand Canal Dock, and the actual Silicon Valley.

Irish employees are known to have a very fair work-life balance! No extreme stress at work and, most of all, the possibility to combine great responsibility, new challenges with exploring the beautiful continent of Europe during your weekends and vacations. 

4. Europe is Just 10 Bucks Away

Travel Through Europe – It is Just an Hour Away!

While staying in Dublin for your job, you have the opportunity to visit the greenest country in the world during the weekend with breathtaking views! Are you worried about the fact that Ireland is a rather small country? You shouldn’t be! You are only ten bucks away from going to the most beautiful european cities! Thanks to low-cost-airlines like Ryanair (which is also Irish), you can go anywhere in Europe without spending all your savings. 

You can reach London or Paris in less than two hours, while three hours will take you to Barcelona or the Berlin Wall! So check out Dublin as the perfect combination of work and travel!

5. The Remarkable Quality of Life

In the latest rankings, Dublin was the first city for the quality of life in Ireland and even in the UK. The quality of air is outstanding and the social and economic system is healthy. The quality of life and safety in Dublin is excellent and is getting better year on year. Public transportation are well developed and easily connects you to the entire city. In Dublin, you won’t have to take a one hour bus to get to your job, and that is great !

But what makes Dublin the place to live are its dozens of beautiful parks, making it one of the greenest cities in Europe, with Phoenix park – Europes biggest city park. And last but not least the cost of living in Dublin, and Ireland in general, are comparably low.

Those factors explain why people in Dublin are scoring high in Happyness studies –  you will feel it as soon as you arrive there.