Cost of living

Czech Republic flagCost of living in Czech Republic

The cost of living in every country is different, that is why doing some investigation about where you are going is very important. The living standard in Czech Republic also varies by regions, the prices of some products and services in Prague (Capital) are sometimes twice as high as in other parts of the country. Students going for placement in the Czech Republic should visit the following websites to get an idea of what the prices for everyday items are

Money and banking

The official currency of the country is Czech Crown (CZK). The country has over 30 commercial, mortgage and investment banks. If you are going to work in the Czech Republic then you may need to open a local account. All major credit cards are accepted in the Czech Republic, while personal cheques are not used or accepted. To open an account, you will need to show a form of photo identification (normally a student ID card and/or a valid Passport).

Travelling costs

The Czech Republic has one of the best and most efficient public transportation systems in the world. Metro, trains, trams and buses are generally clean and punctual and are the easiest and fastest modes of transportation in both the capital and country at large. There are student’s discounts available if you produce a valid student card for example International Student ID Card (ISID).

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