Indian Internships and placements

India Flag - Indian internships and placementsPlacements and internships are generally used by students and young people to learn about the industrial environment. There is often a difference between an internship and placement, an internship is limited period of training to get industrial exposure while placement can be a longer and more permanent job contract with the company. These can be an obligatory part of your study, depending on where and what you study. The majority of people do their internship India, whereas some chose to do internship abroad.

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For Indian internships and placements,  the process is as similar as applying for a normal job. You need a resume and letter of application to secure an internship. Most of the application can be done by using the Internet, in which you can browse company’s career website and send them an e-mail. If you will be still enrolled student, you need to specify to your employer while applying for the internship as it is necessary for tax and social charges.

There are lots of websites , which give information regarding available internship offers. Private companies offer their placement opportunities on their own websites. Make sure you apply prior to coming to India, especially if you are coming from a foreign country. This will give you enough time to arrange necessities such as accommodation, food and transport.

Placements or internships offer numerous benefits such as:

  • Your academic studies can be enhanced by the new aspects, experience and ability to understand which you will gain while working with industry environments.
  • A work experience provides the opportunity to develop skills such as communications, problem solving, working under pressure, responsibility, cultural awareness etc.
  • Work experience shows the dedication and interest to the employer that you are motivated to get into a chosen career.

Work experience should:

  • Allow you to be surrounded by the people whom you can ask for advice
  • Let you develop new skills
  • Help you to climb the stairs of success
  • Increase future opportunities
  • Boost your CV


Internship or placement opportunities can be found on the following sites:

Internship and placement advice

The first question that strikes in our mind is where to look for internships and placements in India? So the answer is to look for the websites or notice boards with details about the vacancies. You can also advisable to contact some of the placement agencies such as Adecco in India and they can help you out with the placement. In India, universities and colleges also provide placement services and offer the students to have a conversation with the local organizations. Make sure you are well prepared for this challenge before applying for an internship or job placement.

Social security and health insurance in India

Social security system in India includes number of insurance schemes and programs. According to the recent survey, one out of four Indians is dying because of accidents. So it is better to have health insurance while travelling to India. Moreover, health insurance becomes very helpful for good and speedy medical treatment in case of any medical emergency. It is advisable to have insurance such as travel, medical and accidental insurance as it offers numerous benefits.

Safety and Indian internships and placements

India is an ample country and if it is safe or not is dependent on where and when you are. The most common types of a crime in India are theft, pick pocketing, armed robbery and accidents. Therefore, it is important to be careful and attentive of your personal belongings in crowded places such as social gatherings or religious gatherings.

There is one standardize emergency number depending on the situations. If you found yourself in any of these situations, you should dial the emergency contact number. Here is the list of emergency/rescue contact number currently in operation in India:

100                       Police

102                       Ambulance

101                       Fire

181                       Women’s safety helpline

108                       Emergency

When you call on any of this numbers, operator receives the call and takes all of the details from the other side and they will connect your call to the appropriate person.  All these numbers are 24/7 helpline numbers and they will try to respond as fast as possible.

Do I need a visa for Indian internships and placements?

For your trip to India, the first thing you need to arrange is your visa. All foreign nationals coming to India are required to have a valid passport and a valid Indian visa. Depending on the time span and purpose of your stay you have to apply for different visas. Depending on the country you are coming from, you might need a visa to enter in the county.

The following site contains useful information on Indian visas

Internship and placement salary

An internship can be paid or unpaid and there is no minimum wage that you can expect from the employer. For students, it is common to get a stipend (salary) if you are doing the paid internship. If you are doing the unpaid internship, you will get some industrial experience and a certificate of your work.  However, this is by no means the case in all areas.

If you are unclear about your internship whether it is paid or unpaid, you should enquire with your employer. Moreover, you should be clear in your mind about what you want from the internship. The final decision to choose paid or unpaid internship should be yours and it will depend on your financial needs against the potential opportunity and experience opportunity potential. Lastly, make sure you analyze all the short and long term benefits before choosing the internship that you do.

Internship and placement accommodation

In India accommodations are quite easy to find whether in big cities or small cities. The good point is that even in the most expensive cities like Delhi or Mumbai you can find a room starting from $50. Nowadays in India, a family can often have an extra room where they can accommodate a guest. By doing this, they will earn some extra cash and the guest will get the accommodation with benefits such as free food or free utilities. Rent is generally paid on monthly basis and you may have to pay some advance rents for security reasons.

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