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The International & EU Office at the University of Malta and at the Institute of Tourism Studies provides information about application procedures, English language requirements, course requirements, accommodation, visas, health care, tuition fees and financial support.
To access a  work placement in Malta, the essential requirements are: students must be at least 18 years old and be at undergraduate junior or senior levels.
There are also private organisations who manage internship and work placement programmes (including Erasmus and other funded EU programmes) offering the opportunity to develop key employability skills and also to gain work experience.

Internship and placement advice

Before have an internship and/or a placement experience students and SMEs should know practical issues such as safety, social security, visa, accommodation, costo of living and other formalities.

Social security and European health insurance

All citizens who have a European Health Card (EHIC) are entitled to free health care in all European countries, including Malta.

In particular, citizens of the United Kingdom and Australia can access  free medical and hospital care in Malta for stays of up to one month, because there is a bilateral agreement between Malta and these countries.

Non-EU citizens need  private health insurance that will cover medical expenses abroad, including medical evacuation and travel insurance.

It is important to check  which activities are covered by your insurance policy.


Malta is considered to be  one of the safest countries in the world with little in the way of violent crime or political disturbances. You should still however follow common-sense personal security rules, in particular in urban and tourist areas. You should make sure that your valuables are secure and be aware of pickpockets and purse snatchers. Begging on the streets is almost non-existent in Malta

Do I need a visa?

Nationals of several countries such as EU Member States, the USA and most Commonwealth countries, don’t need a visa to enter Malta for a stay of less than 3 months: for longer stays they should apply for a uniform residence permit.

Information regarding visa applications and Embassies can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website.

Internship and placement salary

Usually internships are unpaid. Students accepted to participate in programmes managed by private organisations must pay a fee for the support services they will receive.

There are companies affiliated with the University of Malta, the Institute of Tourism Studies and private organizations who will offer a salary to those students who have at least 1 year of work experience in the same or in a related position.

Paid employment in Malta can be found with tour operators and in hotels, bars and restaurants in tourist areas.

To search for paid work in Malta:

Internship and placement accommodation

The University of Malta has a Residence which welcomes people who travel to Malta to expand their academic qualifications , take an academic holiday or visit their University colleagues.
Some private organisations have their own accommodation system offering all amenities at competitive rates. Students can also consider  renting a room in an apartment located in town and sharing costs with other students.

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