Cost of living

Slovenia-flag-140The cost of living for a foreign student in Slovenia could be less then in his country of origin and depends on the options he takes.

Accommodation is about 100-150 €/month in the dormitories provided by the universities, but could be of about 200-300 €/month for private rented flats.

Costs of meals on the universities facilities are about 3-5 €/meal, that means 100-150 €/month.

Urban public transport card is about 20 €/month.

The ERASMUS subsistence grant for Slovenia is about €500 per month, which is enough to successfully cover the costs of living.

Books and study materials are provided with special prices and discounts.

Money and banking

The official currency used to be Slovenian tolar (SIT). As Slovenia is a EU country and became an EMU member from 1.1.2007, now its official currency is EUR. The banking system is according to the European regulation and all the payments instruments are available.

Travelling costs

Urban travel is generally provided by buses, trams and metro. Bikes are good options for students, low costs and fast in cloudy traffic hours.

Interurban travel by train or cars benefits by good networks that reach all the places around the country. Costs are affordable for all categories.

Driving a car requests a valid European or international driving license.

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