Social Media Technology- DIY Marketing

Are you interested in increasing your virtual presence on the web. Don’t have the money to pay an SEO or digital marketing company to do it for you. If you have access to social media technology, why don’t you have a go at DIY online marketing?

Tools to do the job.
Pile of tools to build your blog.


If you use this guide created by Mr Andrew Kinsey a professional SEO, you could help yourself establish some credible popularity on the interest and save yourself the expense of having someone else do it for you.

If you have a basic understanding of how the internet works, you should be able to follow this simple guide and come up with some modest ideas on how to market your content more successfully.

It gives you some neat tips on what software could be useful, how to measure your social media campaign, some cheeky ways of getting other people to help increase your campaign without them realising and the important of a consistent web presence such as posting blogs.

Ideal for any part time social media enthusiast. For more information check out: