Emerging Economies

Putting you in touch with an ‘’Emerging Europe’’

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Reaching Europe

Why not allow your business to benefit from several markets with millions of consumers? – All of which are only a couple of hours away in ‘’Emerging Europe’’. Why target those markets which are further away when you can focus on those which are closer, less risky and much easier to penetrate! There are opportunities in a variety of sectors from Energy, Infrastructure, Security and Defence, Retail and many more.

Some more developed than others, ‘’Emerging Europe’’ consists of nine emerging economies: * Austria * Bulgaria * Croatia * Czech Republic * Hungary * Poland * Romania * Slovakia * Slovenia

Benefits of doing business in Emerging Europe for UK businesses:

* Only a short distance from the UK, reasonable flight prices mean that business connections can be made, especially for those SME’s seeking low cost travel arrangements.

* Emerging Europe provides a range of markets, from developed to developing, but all have the long-term potential for growth.

* Be risk averse and do business in a country which is EU regulated, most of the markets are and are therefore much less risky than developing markets beyond Europe.

For more information on ‘’Emerging Europe’’ and how your business can get help see the UK Trade and Investment website below. http://www.ukti.gov.uk/export/howwehelp/item/394780.html