Artémat is social! – An Italian case study of using Social Media marketing to promote & expand a business.

Artémat ( ) is a young company, which was incubated in Technest – Incubator University of Calabria, for two years. Artémat launched with the message “think different”, providing training in management and business creation through unconventional methods & tools – the Business Game!

Students, graduates and professionals practice their management skills, hone their decision-making and relationship capacity, develop a strategic vision, familiarize  themselves  with risk management & mitigation  as well as focus on acquiring a systemic knowledge of the world of enterprise and how to build relationships  that can be applied in real life scenarios.

In a short time, Artémat, gained considerable experience and became an industry expert in the “business gaming” event management field (for management enterprise projects), supporting young people at national level, thus ensuring that the company also strives to  build better communication channels with a young and dynamic audience as well as business professionals.

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, represent, in that order, the channels most watched by fans of Artémat.

Artemat’s Facebook fan page has 3705 fans and 1,622 views from members of the network. The company also recorded most read article on its LinkedIn page (Artémat Srl), with 4,263 tweets, following 179 other entities and 143 followers on Twitter (@artemat). On Youtube  it has 1568 views and the most popular video of the channel Artémat.

The huge rise in social media usage means that businesses need to understand now more than ever, how to interact with fans, answer their questions, deal with negative comments and resolve disputes, how to adapt the right type of communication according to channel used, how to use the hash tag function on Twitter effectively in order to highlight keywords and ensure that users are able to find the business!

A business needs to stand out from the crowd and attract new fans: it may seem a trivial activity, but in reality it is a complex process and requires time and resources.

During the creation of a business game event, Artémat, like to ensure participants are actively involved: it will post photos in real time, as well as status updates and comments on the competition.

After the event, both within its business pages and across the website, Artemat immediately publishes an album with a description of the event along with any commentary. Artemat recognises how important it is to be constantly present, engaged and give more information to your community of potential clients and existing customers because it is critical to business success.

The company’s customers continue to follow  it on Facebook, beyond the project carried out together: they are always up to date on Artemat’s new products and this consistent presence on social media  often leads to new opportunities and ideas for collaborations or contacts that done does not expect.

For instance, after a Russian company that specialises in training, recently viewed Artemat’s LinkedIn page, it decided to include Artemat’s business game in it’s training catalogue.