I found all the typical French cultural characteristics

Having spent almost two years in England as a student, I am pleased to see that this website lists all the important cultural characteristics of the British people. Businessculture.org is a powerful tool for students, business people and individuals who are looking for a helpful resource to communicate with other European citizens face-to-face or via the Internet.

Being French myself, I found all the typical French cultural characteristics and the requirements for a good negotiation or communication with French people. Saying “bonjour”, shaking hands, being on time… as many other elements that are so important in France and that you need to learn and be aware of when in France!

I experienced myself the difficulties related to differences between English and French ways to communicate during my several trips. Knowing how people react or act can be really helpful in many situations when you are in a new country and dealing with other business cultures!

This website will drive your success in communication in Europe. I am happy to finally find out a useful and ergonomic tool to run my business projects and encourage you to have a look (and more!) on this great website.



Pierre Boulay

Commerce international – Administration Import/export – Quadrilingue

Lyon Area, France
International Trade and Development


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