Why knowing several languages is beneficial in your international business

Recent data shows that people who can speak more than one language have higher chances of success in their careers. We live in a boosting globalized economy where being a polyglot comes with great advantages. In the business environment, having the ability to speak other languages can be the key to corporate success.

The international business community acknowledges that polyglots are indispensible. They’re the secret tool to building foreign relationships and today’s competitive corporations are well aware of that fact.

Why should you know several languages in the business world?

People entering the workforce with second or third language fluency should expect an extra 10-15% increase in salary. Most businesses today operate with third parties; and those third parties are usually located abroad. Speaking a language that’s not commonly used in your country might give you leverage. It opens new doors and it can be an opportunity to succeeding on an international level.

How many people in your company speak Mandarin? Not many, for sure. But that one employee who can master Mandarin might be your weapon to closing some pretty good deals. That employee helps the company gain an advantage, but he’s also helping himself. He may have the chance to travel overseas, meet new people and build professional relationships.

Endless business opportunities

Multilingual employees are valuable assets in today’s cutting-edge business environment. Hiring them helps you expand your business, but it also helps them travel and live multicultural experiences. English is an international language that’s heavily used by most developed countries. However, having people speak other languages inside your company gives your business an extra advantage.

Knowing several languages (or hiring people who are polyglots) helps improve communication; it also drives social awareness, and this fact alone will take your business to new heights. Why it’s so fundamental to know foreign languages in business?

  • Because foreign languages gives people an extra edge when you’re fighting for an important job position
  • Job opportunities will keep increasing and you’ll be able to make yourself understood; both you and your company will become more marketable and other business will want to know more about what you have to offer
  • Having the ability to speak other languages additionally proves that you have extensive knowledge regarding the customs and traditions of that particular country.

International recognition and exposure

Knowing one of more foreign languages might get you the promotion you’ve always dreamed of. We live in a competitive job market where people should do everything in their power to make themselves noticed. If you lack experience but you have potential, being a polyglot will definitely make you stand out. When looking for a good job, your resume is not enough to impress a potential hirer. Nowadays, HRs are seeking for people with talent, and a second language might just be that extra quality they’re looking for.

How far are you willing to go to make yourself noticed? Many companies today strive to retain top talent; the most competitive know how to select the best employees. Surprisingly those employees don’t have to be the most experienced. The more open people are to new job opportunities the faster they can learn to master the tricks of the trade. Learning a new language is not that easy though; that’s why top tier companies are now focused on polyglots.

International negotiations and the perks of doing business overseas

The perks of doing business overseas can open new doors for you, your employees and your company. Knowing several foreign languages can make that happen for you. Chinese, Russian, Indian, and other languages that are not widely spoken are highly preferred by today’s most cutting-edge business companies. Bilingual staff is gold because they represent “the bridge” between your business model and an international business model you’d like to work with.

Nothing compares with meeting new people and new cultures. It can be a life-changing experience, not to mention that this can have great financial benefit to your company too. Make yourself recognized overseas and understand the importance of a second or third foreign language. Build business connections with people who have a different view on business than you, and together come up with new, innovative ideas.

By Daniel Lewis and LondonSpeakerBureau.com!

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