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A Job in Dublin : 5 Reasons to Work in Ireland

1. Its Stunning Pub-Culture

Pub Culture in Ireland

While staying in Dublin for your job, you’ll fall in love with Irish Pubs which are famous all around the world for their unique culture. There is the casual and friendly atmosphere, hearty food and drinks, and entertainment like sports and traditional Irish music.

Pubs in Ireland exist for almost one thousand years. Back then and until 18th century, it was even possible to marry in one of the pubs. There are many to choose from – well over 7000 pubs. Being a societal institution, Pubs in Ireland exist in the tiniest village.

Spending your internship or working in Ireland, you will have a chance to enjoy beautiful traditional concerts with bagpipes, drums, and fiddle. You will get to know real Irish people from all areas of life, learning what heartful irish life is like, experiencing real friendship and camaraderie.

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