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European Countries – European culture

I came across this website when searching for differences in European culture.

It does outline some differences such as the food, the politics, the education but what I found more interesting, and more fun, was it had a list of all the European countries and when you press on a country it has various facts about that country, some of them random, some quirky, some quite useful for when you come across Christiano Ronaldo and can congratulate him for his people [The Portuguese] being the first colonial power to abolish slavery.

Did you know that Czech people are the heaviest consumers of beer in the EU, the Czech Republic also has the most Hospital Beds per EU inhabitants. Coincidence?

It also has sections about the Economy, History and the basics such as population and capital city.

On the home page you can also access lots of other articles such as Gastronomy, History, Science and popular articles. For instance one of the popular articles trending at the moment is “The origins of of red hair” Along with “Diseases, traits and conditions SNP’s” and “Best restaurants in Lyon, Berlin, Bruges”.

So you can see this is a wealth of information in one place and if you find a topic that’s a little bit dry you’ll be sure to come across one which will be a little humorous and put you back in the mood to read on about the cultural history of Europe.

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