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University internship abroad

How will an overseas University internship boost your career prospects?

In an increasingly competitive market, many students are looking for work experience in addition to their academic studies. An internship gives students the opportunity to put the theory they have learnt into practice and gain the experience of how real-life organisations are run and the challenges they may face.

Whilst it will be a lot different to the lifestyle that many students will be used to, the hard work and long hours are likely not only to give you an experience of professional employment, but also improve your C.V. therefore making you more attractive to prospective employers.

An internship in your home country is great, but an internship in a different country is a totally different thing. Out of your comfort zone and away from family and friends, the idea at first can be daunting; though many who embark upon this experience learn new and interesting things, gain a unique perspective and broaden their horizons.

Not only will you get the chance to meet new and different people whilst experiencing a different culture to your own, you will get the opportunity to pick up a different language – another way of making yourself a more attractive recruit. Internships are a great way to make yourself stand out but an internship abroad shows employers you can work under pressure in a totally different environment, whilst promising you a real memorable experience!

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