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Social Media in Spain 2014: How Internet Mobile has changed the social landscape

Marta Rodriguez
Marta Rodriguez

Social Media in Spain 2014 – time for dramatic change. Due to a substantial growth on smartphones and tablet sale the social media landscape has moved on to a new high. As a Spanish MSc Marketing student at Salford Business School, UK, I notice that consumers spend an average of four hours a day online, more and more through their mobiles and tablets. According to a Comscore report, the number of users of smartphone and tablet in Spain increased by 70% last year and more than 4 million Spaniards own a tablet. Companies should take advantage of internet mobile marketing in Spain, as Mobile E-commerce is bound to be a future trend in Spain.

Teenager segment: Twitter beats Tuenti

Spanish social media network Tuenti has lost 58% of its users in the second half of 2013. Most of them are moving to Twitter. One of the reasons of this change is the greater interactivity of Twitter and the growth of Internet enabled Mobile phone. Besides, Tuenti is associated with teenagers, while Twitter isn’t. However, Tuenti is expanding to Latin America, so it still can recover its position.

Twitter in Spanish
Twitter in Spanish

Instagram is the new Fotolog

Tuenti’s users have also moved to Instagram, because of the synergies with Facebook, its new owner, and the growing number of smartphones and tablets at the moment. Although Instagram is “The King” amongst the younger public, Tumblr is also starting to get popular, as Fotolog once was.

LinkedIn grows in a professional niche

LinkedIn is growing as the professional option and so is Google +, although Google’s social network lacks in interactivity, even if the number of users is growing. LinkedIn has more than five million of users in Spain and it is thought to grow in 2014 due to the slow economic improvement.

Videos and TV

Apparently, Spaniards spend quite a lot of time watching videos and socialising on their mobile phones, over the EU average. 2013 has been the year of viral videos. Leisure and entertainment are the most demanded contents, followed by news and viral videos. That’s why some companies have used YouTube viral videos in their promotion strategies.

Microblogging + guerilla marketing = Menéame

meneame screen shot
meneame screen shot

Blogs are very popular in Spain and microblogging site Menéame is a way bloggers see their posts reach boosted. Basically, it is a news aggregation service where users decide the relevance of the content. So, bloggers send their stories to Menéame (“shake me”, in Spanish) and the posts with more votes get published and quickly spread via Social Media. Quite often Menéame stories become trending topic on Twitter. This website is related to guerrilla marketing communication, as they publish the information which conventional media don’t usually divulge. So, it is a niche for non-profit organisations to see their messages published.

It’s a great time to invest in Digital Marketing in Spain. What is your opinion about the developments in Spanish Social Media? Share your feelings with us.

Step-by-step: Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business

Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business: How can you put your best foot forward?

Hi, my name is Rebecca Lee and this is a quick overview of my experience engaging with some of the search and social media marketing (SSMM) platforms currently popular on the personal and professional market… and some thoughts and social media tips for anyone taking the Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business pilot MOOC course offered by Salford Business School.

Rebecca Lee Marketing

Twitter – Tweet Tweet, a little birdie told me…

I can’t sing Twitter’s praises highly enough; it’s my favourite social media platform to date. It’s a fantastic aid for establishing new contacts anywhere in the world and a great tool for companies to engage with their customers instantly, strengthening customer trust and loyalty…. Plus, the simple privacy settings mean that it’s easy to have a personal account which can be kept hidden from prying eyes!

LinkedIn – it’s not what you know… it’s WHO you know!

LinkedIn is also an important social platform – for individuals establishing their digital identity in particular; research during my Search and Social Media module suggested that professional contacts are as important as knowledge in the business world. Therefore LinkedIn can be an invaluable networking tool … and might even get you a job!

Facebook – Friend Request: Your Boss, 0 Mutual Friends

I have strong views regarding work-life balance, and it is for this reason that I refuse to create a professional Facebook account. I appreciate that it is a fantastic way for businesses to engage with their customers and can be an invaluable marketing tool for SME’s, but in terms of enhancing my digital presence online, I believe that my other social profiles suffice. Therefore I keep my personal Facebook account private and do not engage with professional contacts.

With the benefit of hindsight if there was one crucial piece of advice I could offer to learners aiming to enhance their digital profile, it would be to consider the longevity of SEO markers when creating profiles, i.e. personalised URL’s. For example, I made my LinkedIn profile a considerable period in advance of learning about search and social media marketing. I did not understand the importance of selecting permanent features such as my URL in terms of search engine page rankings, which consequently means that my LinkedIn profile is optimised with different search terms to the rest of my digital identity!


Finally, I also made myself a BrandYourself profile which although does not function directly as a social networking tool, continuously helps me to improve my online presence. It hosts links to three of my other digital profiles which makes it an excellent tool for monitoring my optimisation progression!

Hope you all have fun enhancing your shiny new digital profiles! Get in touch to let me know how you get on with your Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business course!!!


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