Cost of living

Poland FlagCost of living in Poland

The cost of living in every country is different and not comparable that is why doing some investigation about where you are going is very important. The living standard in Poland is comparable to other eastern and central European countries but obviously lower than western European countries. Students going for placement in Poland should visit the following websites to get an idea of what the prices for everyday things are:

Money and banking

The Zloty is a metric unit of currency, which is subdivided into 100 groszy and signified by ‘zl’.

Poland has many commercial and savings banks with many of them being owned by foreign banks. PKO Bank Polski is the biggest bank in Poland and is predominantly Polish owned, with the Polish Government holding a significant stake. There is no uniform requirement to opening a bank account in Poland and banks may ask for different documents during the application process. The key documents a bank will require are a passport and proof of address in Poland. Bank charges and facilities vary depending on bank and type of account. Also, it is important to note that different banks operate different opening hours, although most branches will be open between 10am and 4pm on weekdays.

Travelling costs

If the placement is in any of the big cities, transportation should not be a problem. Polish public transportation is efficient, clean and punctual and is the easiest and fastest mode of transportation in the capital and country at large. There are student’s discounts available if you produce a valid student card like International Student ID Card (ISID).

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