Cost of living

Romania flagThe cost of living in Romania for students from western European countries is lower then in their home places. The allowance for Erasmus students’ mobility is 275 Euro. It covers the cost of a place in dormitories of about 50 Euro and meals of about 150 Euro. If they are looking for a private room the cost doubles.

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Money and banking

Romania’s official currency is the Leu (RON), which is subdivided into 100 Bani.

Since July 2005, the following banknotes and coins have been in circulation:

  • Coins: 1 ban, 5 bani, 10 bani, 50 bani
  • Notes: 1 leu, 5 lei, 10 lei, 50 lei, 100 lei, 200 lei, 500 lei

All banks and exchange offices are authorised to conduct foreign exchange operations, as all transactions in Romania are conducted in the national currency.

It is important to note that shops do not accept checks and payments are normally made in cash or by credit or debit card.

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Travelling costs

Bus, Trolleybus and Tram Tickets

Travelling by public transport is very popular and the cost of one trip by bus, tram or trolleybus is 1.30 Lei. Tickets can be purchased is multiple journey formats, as well as a rechargeable Active Card that can be bought for 3.70 Lei and is debited for each trip.

Tickets and cards are available at special kiosks near the most important stations or designated offices.

Metro Tickets

Metro tickets are sold as return tickets (4 Lei), a book of ten tickets (15 Lei), a one-day ticket (6 Lei) or as travel permits, which are usually issued for periods of 30 days.

Student discounts are available for some travel permits.

Joint RATB & Metro Tickets

In Bucharest, it is possible to purchase travel cards which can be used on the bus, trolley and metro networks. With this type of card, you can have unlimited trips for the duration that the card is valid: either 60 minutes (5 Lei), 24 hours (16 Lei) or 10 one-hour periods (30 Lei).

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