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Business etiquette in FYROM dictates the values and beliefs of the importance a person gives to something. The way values and beliefs are expressed forms the attitude that is then revealed through words and behaviour. Usually unwritten, these values and beliefs govern the expectations of social behaviour within a society, social class or group. Accepting attitudes and values as essential elements of every culture with a huge influence on people’s behaviour can contribute to improved intercultural understanding and reduced misunderstandings when doing business with foreign partners.

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Corporate social responsibility

Institutions, businesses and civil society organisations, with support from the European Union are developing corporate social responsibility in Macedonia. The UN Global Compact was activated in the FYROM in 2004. The FYROM’s network includes 43 companies, NGOs and other members. The National Coordinative Body for Corporate Social Responsibility, which was established with support from UNDP, developed the Agenda for Corporate Social Responsibility that was adopted by the Government of the FYROM.

Companies promote responsible management and practice ethical and responsible behaviour which contributes to developing and strengthening the global corporate social responsibility of the country as a whole.

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In the private sphere of life people from the FYROM have a relaxed perspective on time. 15-20 minutes delay is to be expected and is not unusual. Buses and trains are rarely on time.

Scheduling appointments has become a necessity in the last couple of years. Time is more valued in business situations, where punctuality is usually required. Although FYROMs work very hard, they value a less stressful lifestyle that allows a work life balance – time for friends and family, a visit to the pub or just a bit of a chat on the corner.

Gift giving

In private situations gift giving is considered normal when visiting someone’s house. The size and value of the gift is not important.

In business, small gifts such as a pen, book, wine or pralines would be given to express gratitude for services. It depends a lot on the company’s business culture, the branch and the number of employees, but business gifts are sometimes exchanged at Christmas, New Year and other similar occasions. If this is also a practice in your company you should make sure to reciprocate. It will often be appreciated if you invite the persons you want to thank out for a meal, or buy them a drink after work.

In business as well as in private situations, it is good to offer to pay. In general men pay for women.

Business dress code

FYROMs pay much attention to their appearance. Therefore, the dress code in a business environment should be carefully adhered to. It is very important to be dressed appropriately and with style for every occasion. Men usually wear a shirt and pants and in certain situations a suit is the most appropriate. In everyday business life women should be dressed in business casual.

Bribery and corruption

Recognizing the issue of corruption, in November 12th 2002 the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption was constituted to provide the basis of the law for the Prevention of Corruption. It is responsible for identifying conflict of interest issues, areas where problems are most urgent and to offer measures and activities to overcome the problems and the risks. The Action Plan for the period 2007-2011 was primarily based on the following:

  • Political system, the National Assembly and the political parties
  • The judicial system
  • Public administration and local self-government
  • Law enforcement institutions
  • Economic and financial system and the private sector
  • Civil society, media and trade unions

The European Commission has acknowledged the continuous progress of the country in the fight against corruption.

According to Transparency International, in the Corruption Perceptions Index for 2012 the FYROM is came 43rd out of 100 and ranked in 69th place out of 176 countries.

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