Cost of living

Netherlands-flag-140Some examples of average prices can be found here

Money and banking

The banking business is dominated by some large companies offering virtually a full range of financial services to both corporate clients and private persons. These are ABN AMRO Bank; Rabobank, a co-operative bank institution and ING Bank.

In addition to these large banks, there is a series of smaller, mainly specialised banks in the Netherlands, most of them subsidiaries of other companies or foreign banks.

Many foreign banks also have a branch in the Netherlands. Even though the Netherlands is in the euro zone in monetary terms, all banks are supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank, the former Dutch central bank.

Travelling costs

Usually, the student will need to pay and organise their travel to the destination country and to the company themselves. Public transport in the Netherlands is relatively cheap compared with some EU countries. Paying for single trips on public transport can be very expensive. A prepaid Public Transport Card (“OV chip card” which can be used for multiple trips and on all means of transport – train, bus, tram, metro) is much cheaper.

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