Future Social Media Marketing

Social media has been around for a number of years, it has also slowly evolved and improved in terms of usability and in terms of how you can use or upload content on to these social media websites but what is in future social media marketing? Some of the top and leading social media websites are Facebook, twitter, YouTube and Blogs. These are some of the main social media sites as well as many many more. The presence has increased across social media platforms by 70%, the frequency has increased of publishing content has increased by 59%, more robust social media marketing management has increased by 50%, social media monitoring has increased by 45% and finally social media presence has increased by 33%.

This report which was published by Heidi Cohen Includes many more statistics about most commonly used social media tools, social media tools marketers want to learn more about and as a marketer where should you focus. To understand more about the future of social media marketing and how it will be revolutionised in the near coming future click in the following link which will help you and give you more information. http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2167776/future-social-media-marketing-research.

Are you interested to hear more about the Future and how digital business will change?

This video features the guest talk from Manchester’s futurist Mike Ryan, who is a passionate supporter of Manchester Digital. Mike shares his views on the future of digital business challenges for business management research and education. Some of the highlights of new technology include the commercial use of: Gesture control, SMART TV, mind control, control of computers and devices through thought, smart data, 3D printing of guns, 3D printing of buildings, 3D printing of your child, graphene 3D printing, driverless cars, Google cars, future where all transport is public, no taxi drivers and new insurance models, drones for building, ASIMO robots, a future where no-one is in a wheelchair, gamification, crowd sourcing, collapse of the banking industry, wisdom of crowds, future of shopping in retail, digital display boards for scanning QR codes and no need for product shelves, concept stores, decline of the high street, small business high street reenergising by sharing risk of rest sharing, 3D printers with plastic jams.

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  1. social media has taken over our lives to a really great extent. And in some place it is beneficial but sometimes it worsens the situation.

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