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trepuntoz3ro.itOur agency deals with communication and knows the complexity of interactions among different cultures. Sometimes just giving a simple business card can create misunderstanding.

For example, the Japanese view the business card as an extension of a person, while Americans view it as a business formality and a convenience. Consequently, while the Japanese handle business cards with great care, making certain to put them in a safe places, Americans are quick to put them away and thus often end up insulting the Japanese.

A good communication focuses not only on languages but also on many aspects often neglected. Gestures, objects, rituals, status symbol, interpersonal distances are a great part of the act of communication. People don’t exchange words but messages. This is the reason why an attentive analysis and knowledge of the intrinsic values of every interaction are of prime importance in order to avoid misunderstandings, especially in a working environment.

Communication through Social Media in Italy is not so different as in other European countries, in terms of netiquette. Thanks to Passport to Trade 2.0 project, we learnt that these tools are not well adopted by SMEs. In Italy and in the majority of Europe, companies understand the value of Social Media marketing to communicate with their clients, but they are not yet able to capitalise the potential in their business.

For us, the most interesting sections of P2T2 are those pertaining to business communication, business etiquette and business meeting etiquette.

The Passport to Trade 2.0 guides are a good instrument for students, companies and every manager who wants, as we do, to enter international market.

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About Aleksej Heinze

Passport to Trade 2.0 project leader. My research interests are in the area of disruptive innovation using information technology (IT) and the use of IT in business management. Topics include: enterprise 2.0; web 2.0, international business culture, search engine optimisation, and social media marketing.