Personal relationships have priority in Portugal

Antonio-BrunoI am Antonio Bruno and I am a student of Tourism Sciences at University of Calabria in Rende (CS) – Italy.

I have just come back home from Portugal where I have had a work placement.

Before leaving on my work placement, I have only had limited knowledge and expectations about the country and people I would meet.

Reading the guide of Portugal developed by the Passport to Trade project, I found interesting and useful information about the country in general, but, in particular, about the cultural context and the business attitudes and etiquette.

I worked as a receptionist in an hotel in Lisbon and I had the opportunity to meet many people from different places.

The knowledge of business culture and business communication, which I gained from P2T2.0, has helped me to develop good relationships both with my colleagues and clients.

Personal relationships have priority in Portugal

As regards to the work experience I had, I can confirm that Portuguese are friendly and warm but they are also formal, precise and clear.

Trust is very important, so Portuguese people like to get to know you well and establish a personal relation, this allows long-term work collaborations.

Thanks to the advice received on Passport to Trade 2.0 website on student placement resources in Portugal, I have also had fewer difficulties in finding accommodation and in managing other practical issues. My work placement experience has been more relaxed and successful.

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