Facebook company profile repaid my time within a week!

Trochides-LtdI never imagined that social media could be used for business purposes. Once I was sent a newsletter about Passport to Trade 2.0 and navigated myself through the website and all the information that included. I found the International Business Culture resource really interesting.

My company – Trochides Ltd – operates in the area of Commercial Refrigeration for food storing and food service equipment.

I always wanted to introduce my business to new markets, but, I have never actually did anything about it, thinking that marketing abroad would be very expensive for me. So, following the advice on the businessculture.org website, I created a Facebook profile of my company.

Within a week I was contacted by an Italian wholesaler wanting to distribute my products to the Italian market!

This experience made me think of social media as an indispensable tool for reaching markets abroad and for creating business collaborations. Now I try to learn about the business etiquette and the way I should present myself in business meetings with my new counterparts abroad.

John Trochides, owner of Trochides Ltd

About Aleksej Heinze

Passport to Trade 2.0 project leader. My research interests are in the area of disruptive innovation using information technology (IT) and the use of IT in business management. Topics include: enterprise 2.0; web 2.0, international business culture, search engine optimisation, and social media marketing.