Passport to Trade 2.0 shortlisted for Big Chip Awards

Big Chips Award 2014 shortlisted
Big Chips Award 2014 shortlisted

Salford Business School’s success with digital enterprise continued this week with two projects which were part of Passport to Trade 2.0 being shortlisted for the Big Chip Awards.

The Big Chips are far and away the biggest digital awards outside of London and the longest running in the UK in their 16th year. They are organised by trade association, Manchester Digital for all things digital – from mobile apps to social media, from animation to websites to digital brand.

Salford Business School’s Centre for Digital Business submitted two projects, one a student Live Project and one a European research project – Passport to Trade 2.0.

Big Chip Awards 2014 shortlist: Little Chip Student Award

The students’ project was shortlisted for the Little Chip award and was developed by MSc Marketing students who created a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) called Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business.

This free online course allows anyone interested in social media, to get advice and learn from academics and digital agencies. The course was created and promoted by four MSc Marketing students; Rebecca Lee, Vanessa Van Huynh, Maria Camila Villa and Luis Santos as their Business Innovation Project to complete their Masters studies.

Pictured left to right: Luis Santos (from Portugal), Maria Camila Villa Jurado (from Colombia), Vanessa Van Huynh (from Vietnam) and Rebecca Lee (from the UK).

Pictured left to right: Luis Santos (from Portugal), Maria Camila Villa Jurado (from Colombia),Vanessa Van Huynh (from Vietnam) and Rebecca Lee (from the UK).

The purpose of live projects is to give students a real tangible situation and problem to work through.  This provides an excellent opportunity to enhance their CVs and ultimately, their employability. The team excelled on the project by creating an innovative digital course using video, text, animation and designing the structure of the course itself. Maria, the team leader for the MOOC project, said:

As a team, we were lucky enough to work for the pilot MOOC live project. The creation of the Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business MOOC was a challenge that was worth it and helped us to grow professionally.”

Will Passport to Trade 2.0 win at least one of these Awards?

Big Chip 2014 takes place in the evening at the Midland Hotel in Manchester, UK on 3 July 2014. Watch this space and wish Salford Business School good luck – the only thing we can do now is wait!

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