Studying in France: 3 important questions answered

France is considered the second most attractive country for international students. What are the essentials that you need to know when studying in France?

Essentials to studying in France

Is learning French necessary when studying in France?

There are a lot of universities in France that offer programs that are bilingual or entirely taught in English. The latter is of real value to students who are on an exchange term or planning to learn French while they continue studying. But, if you intend on studying a degree program, most universities will require a B2 certificate in Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française (DELF) or sometimes the C1 (advanced) certificate. 

A foreigner student having language barriers when studying in France
Even if learning French was not mandatory, it is a must to KNOW it!

Speaking French makes life so much easier. Generally with English, getting about and communicating your thoughts would be doable in bigger cities like Paris, but that would not be the case in smaller towns like Cassis! Here is a quick reminder of why you should consider studying in France:

Applying to French Colleges

The first step after you have decided on your course is to start gathering your documents. Three major requirements are:

  • Photo Identification (Passports or National Identities, for instance)
  • Transcripts from schools/colleges you have previously attended
  • Your profile (Curriculum Vitae) 

Some colleges will also require you to submit an essay of specified word lengths. If you are planning to study in English, many universities will also ask you for a certification of the same. See for example The International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Each educational institution will have its own set of requirements. It is imperative to follow their guidelines carefully and submit the application in full at the required time. 

The next step after getting an admission would be getting your visa done if necessary. For example, if you are an EU citizen you do not need a visa but for that outside of the EU you can find more information on France Visa advice pages.

Cost of Studying in France

The cost incurred while studying in France
Is studying in France really worth it?

Average tuition fees vary to a large extent in France. They depend on the course you are planning to take up and the type of place you wish to attend. Average fees vary between EUR 150 to EUR 900. Compared to the USA, the cost of studying in France is relatively low. There are various scholarships also available for people coming in to study from abroad. There are a few listed on Go overseas website. 

Apart from these, there are many costs that a student must incur. You can find more detailed information on cost of living in France.

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