Gender Equality in Denmark – top of the world

Did you know that Denmark is on top of the list of countries with the highest gender equality in the world?

If we look at the statistics, Denmark has a near-excellent score of 89.3 out of 100. This according to the sustainable development goals (SDG). With this information it is possible to draw two conclusions:

• That Denmark is a country to look up to, and learn from.
• That Denmark is a country to consider a move to – if gender equality is something that you’re looking for in life.

Gender equality

Gender equality is achieved when men and women have the same rights and opportunities. Regardless of gender, you should be equally favored and valued. Gender equality at work means that people are able to receive the same salary and rewards. As well – that everyone has the same possibility to succeed.

Gender Equality in Denmark expresses that employees should be treated in the same way, regardless of gender. This applies, for example, in the recruitment process. The employer should not prefer a certain gender to a new role in the organization. But rather base the choice on performance and experience. The salary should also be the same – equal pay for equal work. That being said, Denmark is a country at the forefront. They have an approach to gender equality that the rest of the world should adopt.

Real life statement about gender equality in Denmark

Elyse Ruest-Archaumbalt works with Gender Equality, Diversity and inclusion. Her office is at UNOPS, Copenhagen. She just moved to Denmark from Canada. And now she has provided us with a statement. The statement reflects the work of gender equality and work-life balance in her chosen country:

“I moved to Denmark one and a half year ago, and now I really understand why they’re considered best in the world for work-life balance and top scoring in gender equality. Even though I came from Canada, which is reasonably advanced in these areas too, I saw a huge improvement in my professional life, feeling enabled to do my work while balancing my family responsibilities.”

In summary, Denmark is a country for those who want’s to live in a society that priorities equality, as well as the opportunity to balance professional life with personal life.

(Read more about UNOPS work with gender equality here)