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8 tips for finding accommodation in India

Accommodation is one of the core factors that defines your experience in India. Several factors need to be taken into account. If you are following western media, you might have heard scary stories but, here are 8 tips to help you find your perfect accommodation in India.

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1) Know local Indian abbreviation

First, you need to understand local abbreviation in order to precise your research. The term “BHK” which represent Bedroom +  Hall + Kitchen. For example, if you have 1 BHK, it corresponds to a flat with 1 bedroom, a hall and a kitchen, 2 BHK for two bedrooms.

2) Pay your rent

  • Avoid Cash, credit card and direct deposit to local bank account. There are difficulties to register paiements and direct deposit can generate additional fees according to your own bank.
  • Choose one of the following payment methods :
    • Certified Check. A certified check is issued by a bank. It will state that the tenant’s bank account has the necessary funds available at the time the check is written. Therefore, this form of payment is more secure than a personal check, but not as secure as a cashier’s check.
    • Cashier’s Check. There is a larger fee associated with a cashier’s check and they are only issued by a bank where you actually have a bank account. The bank will withdraw the funds from the tenant’s bank account. Then, it will serve as guarantor of the amount that the cashier’s check is for. Since the bank guarantees this amount, you do not have to worry about a tenant withdrawing funds from their personal account before you try to cash the check.
    • Online. Online payments that do not require you to provide any of your personal banking information to a tenant are a good option. Actually, it is quick and the funds usually transfer immediately or within a day or two. Quick paiement and little effort. Furthermore, there are many online rental payment sites such as ERentPayment, RentMatic, and RentMerchant.

3) Several ways to find an accommodation in India

As in United States or in Europe, you have few ways to find accommodation as an expatriate in India. Of course it’s easier in big cities, but you can easily find accommodation in India through real estates agencies. Moreover, you can find an accommodation on social medias as Facebook groups or in some forums of expatriates.

4) Share your flat with someone

As an expatriate in India, you will want to meet and discover other people ! You can rent a room in a flat which is an easy option to meet friends. Indeed, it’s easier to find a room and it can be an affordable and simple option to start your life of expatriate in India.

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5) Check electricity and water

You have to be careful of is the quality of your accomodation supplies. You must verify plumbing and electricity system because the power is often cut during summer in India.

6) Be careful in case of full-furnished accommodation

According to the law about registration, it is mandatory to register your rent contract if it lasts less than 11 months. However, in some India’s States, this registration is mandatory whatever the contract’s duration. In order to avoid any conflicts with your landlord, it is recommended to write every terms of your rent contract. Finally, your landlord must sign it and you must communicate regularly with him.

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7) Be careful of fraud

In order to avoid frauds, you have to know the deposit is negotiable. Don’t be surprised if the landlord announces a high deposit. It might want to take advantage of you and set you up because you’re a stranger.

8) Rent, don’t buy

Renting an accommodation in India is easier than buying. Indeed, the buying process as a stranger is very complicated. If you want to be a landlord, it is mandatory to :

  • possess a resident’s permit
  • find an experimented and trustworthy lawyer to avoid fraud

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