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Cool and fun facts about social media

How is social media changing the world ?

Who uses social media?

Nowadays there are lots of famous people, celebrities and even social media has played it’s part in creating celebrities who is the average social media user and what do they use social media for ?


Well according to Social Media Today over half of people with a mobile device have facebook on it and out of that 50% a quarter of them post, share and like daily. Nearly a quarter of the people with social media accounts use social media several times a day. Nearly half of the users on Twitter are Democrats however facebook is still the most addictive platform but only 1 in 4 users are following a designer brand on Facebook.


That last fact poses the question, is it worth companies and business investing the amount of time and money that they do to increase brand awareness on social media sites?


To find out more about these interesting facts visit : http://socialmediatoday.com/rm-downey/900721/9-social-media-fun-facts-shock-or-maybe-just-awe